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बुधवार, जून 09, 2010

Beauty and Smartness Tips for Men

Tips for Men is a common notion that men are less concerned about their looks than women are. But this is just a fraction of the truth and researches show that men too are equally interested in beauty and beauty tips as their opposite sex. 

Men have always desired to look masculine and macho, rugged and strong and therefore, dread the thought of admitting their obsession with looks. If you are someone who harbors similar thoughts, take it easy, as beauty and beauty tips for men have become a well accepted notion in the modern times. Although numerous beauty parlors for men exist, where you can get all the services you wish, you might still find a few beauty tips for men handy when it comes to dealing with everyday life. Read on to know more about some great beauty tips for men that will help you gain your desired look. 

Facial Beauty Tips for Men

Clean your face regularly to keep it free of acne and grime. Use a face wash at least twice a day but ensure that the chemical content in it is minimal. Also, to ensure you retain the moisture in your skin, do not use deodorant based soaps for your face. Use a skin toner containing vitamin E or Aloe Vera. While using razors, ensure that it has strip of aloe or vitamin to save you from the after shave burns.

You can also apply a homemade face pack that suits your skin type to clean your face and tighten the skin. For a suitable homemade beauty recipe for your face you may browse through our homemade beauty tips on this website. If you prefer a rugged look, then visit a salon for a beard or mustache style that best suits your face. Apply a sunscreen before going out and use vaseline on your lips to keep them from getting dry.

Hair Care Tips for Men

Hair is one more important part of the body that you need to pay special attention to. You must oil hair regularly or at least on weekends and wash off with a mild shampoo. If you see traces of gray in your hair, then you could use henna packs or hair colors. If you see you hair thinning, then keep your hair short. Long hair needs more care and effort for maintenance and cleanliness. Styling gels can be used to keep your hair in place, but ensure that these do not contain an excess of chemicals.

Body Care Tips for Men

Hair on the ear lobes can be embarassing. To get rid of this unwanted hair you can wax your ear lobes at regular intervals. If you like the bare body look, then waxing the chest can also be a good option. Body massages on weekends are relaxing. Massages improve your blood circulation and tone your body while it relaxes your muscles. Manicure and pedicures clean your hands and feet and keep them in good shape. Regular exercises and a balanced diet are also necessary for an over all good look.

Dressing and Cosmetic Tips for Men

Wearing clean and ironed clothes definitely helps you feel good and confident. Cosmetics could include powder and little lip balm. Never forget to wear your favorite perfume or deodorant for that fresh feel throughout the day.

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